Day One Part III - Flock To Fedora 2023

With the first talk wrapped up and some time left in hand before my next talk began, I stayed back to attend the Fedora Docs talk before heading upstairs. I donned the Community Platform Engineering-themed threads to deliver the next interactive talk with Aoife Moloney in the Harbour 6 room.

Day One Part III - Flock To Fedora 2023

One of the questions was asked by David Duncan who worked in the Amazon Web Services team at the time of writing this article and had been a great collaborator with the Fedora Websites and Apps team. It was great to finally meet him too as this was probably the first time that we were meeting in person after having worked together entirely online for years. Another thing that was marked out was a small set of incorrectly translated Irish phrases that I had on my slide deck to commemorate the fact that the event was taking place in Ireland. I was suggested a tool that had more attention to detail for the semantics than other generalized translation tools like Google Translate.

With my first talk over, I stayed back to attend the talk about "Fedora Docs" by Peter Boy which was scheduled right after mine in the same hall. Halfway through the presentation, it was time for me to head upstairs to the Harbour 6 room where my next talk would take place. At around 1145 am Ireland Standard Time, I met up with Aoife Moloney here, who worked as a Product Owner in the Red Hat Community Platform Engineering team at the time of writing this article and she got me a team-themed tee-shirt for me. We had a little conversation with Justin Forbes, who used to maintain kernel packages at the time of writing this article, who talked with us about the state of the kernel tester application service.

Peter Boy delivering the "Fedora Docs" talk in the Tivoli hall (Photograph credits to Luis Bazan)

I excused myself from the group to equip the team-themed threads for the next talk and returned shortly after. As I had some more time to spend before my next talk began, I answered some questions from the folks who attended my previous talk about the "Fedora Websites and Apps Revamp Community Initiative Retrospective" but I could not attend due to the scarcity of time. I took this as a learning from the last presentation and we decided to not spend needlessly more time on a single slide to have more time in the end for answering questions from the audience. We headed inside the room where we got to meet with Amita Sharma who had the moderation duty for the Harbour 6 room.

This room felt a lot more occupied than how it felt in my last talk but I suppose that I might be feeling that due to the fact that the Harbour 6 room was much smaller than the Tivoli hall. As the distribution of the audience throughout the Harbour 6 room was a lot more condensed than how it was in the Tivoli hall, due to it having around one-fourth of the area, the room felt very lively. Aoife and I started working with the staff handling the audio-video equipment but as Aoife's device could not be connected, I had to use mine for the presentation. It began at around 1200 pm Ireland Standard Time with Amita introducing us to the audience and us swiftly moving through the slides with interactive elements.

In order to better utilize the fact that a portion of our audience was present there in person, we had a bunch of questions among the slides to understand how aware the community members are of the application services that the community members used. Aoife had brought a bunch of Red Hat-themed swags to distribute among people who answered our questions correctly. This was also around the time when we figured that a bunch of information on the slide deck could really use rectification and updating as some of those were either mistaken or obsolete. Once we finished our interactive talk, it was time for questions from the attendees and they surely felt comfortable making statements as well.