Day Three Part IV - Flock To Fedora 2023

After a fun ghost tour in Cork, Lenka Segura and I explored a souvenir shop before opting for an earlier public bus due to the rain. We met up with Troy Dawson and his wife who inspired us to have pizzas for dinner. We decided to call it a day after meeting up with the lovely Rocky Linux folks.

Day Three Part IV - Flock To Fedora 2023

Finally, it was time for folks to disperse off to the dinner after a couple of hours-long tour got over. I was accompanying Lenka Segura, Jess Chitas and David Fan during the tour but unfortunately, David Kirwan and Michal Konecny could not make the tour as they had to leave earlier in the day. Lenka and I decided to spend the remaining time in the city looking for souvenirs in the nearby goodies stores to remember the trip by. We headed into a shop named "Caroll's Irish Gifts" where we had loads of purchases from lighters to keyrings and from magnets to coins. We also came across the notorious book named "A Massive Book Full of FECKIN' IRISH SLANG That's Great Craic for Any Shower of Savages" which we thought would make a funny gift for anyone in the culture.

Troy Dawson and his wife gave Lenka Segura and me a great recommendation for the dinner

While there was a bus arranged by the organizers for the event attendees, it was supposed to return to the hotel a lot later at around 1000 pm Ireland Standard Time. As Lenka and I were done with the purchases and the rain was picking up, we decided to not wait for the designated bus and find a public bus back to the hotel at around 0900 pm Ireland Standard Time. We got off at Lover's Avenue and we soon realized that coincidentally we had Troy Dawson and his wife on the same bus travelling with us. We did not realize it before as Lenka and I were on the top deck while Troy and his wife were on the ground deck of the bus. They told us about their experiences of having great pizzas in the city, so it inspired Lenka and me to order those from the hotel catering for dinner.

From left to right - Akashdeep Dhar, Neil Hanlon, Krista Burdine and Sherif Nagy in the hotel's dining area

With the rain drifting from bad to worse as we were walking back from the bus stop to the hotel, we decided not to dawdle. As Lenka and I were placing our orders for the pizzas, we noticed that the dining area was crowded and we had to have our dinners in our rooms. We also met up with Neil Hanlon, Krista Burdine and Sherif Nagy from the Rocky Linux team who were waiting at the table for their dinner orders to arrive. These were some really nice folks that I had the fortune to meet during the event so I decided to click some pictures with them. As our dinner orders came, Lenka and I headed back to our rooms and before I called it a day at around 1000 pm Ireland Standard Time, I had Lenka on my doorstep as I forgot to take my souvenir purchases from her backpack.