Day Two Part I - Flock To Fedora 2023

After an unsuccessful lookup for the lost checked-in luggage, I started the second day of Flock To Fedora 2023 with a discussion about Raspberry Pis and Flipper Zeros over breakfast. I also participated in the keynote talk about DEIJ principles before moderating the Harbour 6 room with Carl George.

Day Two Part I - Flock To Fedora 2023

My second day of Flock To Fedora 2023 began with me waking up as early as 0500 am Ireland Standard Time to get myself prepared for the day. I also looked through the contact details of Aer Lingus and British Airways to reach out to the team as the checked-in pieces of luggage were still missing then. Granted that I had some pieces of clothing on my backpack as I already expected something of this kind happening but I could have really used some new Fedora Project and CentOS Project branding threads then while being on the assigned moderation duty on the day in Harbour 6 room. It was the same room where I presented my second talk the day before so I did not need to go looking for it again.

As the Aer Lingus helpline was available around the clock, I rang them up early but all I ended up finding was the same information that was already made available to us on their website. One thing that felt really strange was the fact that they mentioned that our pieces of luggage that they dispatched from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) had soft covers but that was simply not true. I was pretty sure that they dispatched the wrong pieces of luggage but I decided to keep our fingers crossed and continue getting ready for the day. When Michal and David arrived at my room, we left for the breakfast area at around 0700 am Ireland Standard Time where we met up with Sumantro, Amita and a bunch of other folks.

Jen Madriaga kicking off the second day of Flock To Fedora with her talk about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (Photograph credits to Amy Marrich

The menu for the breakfast was the same as before albeit the discussion got interesting when David pulled out a couple of Raspberry Pi Zero 2 Ws that he purchased for me and a Flipper Zero that led to an engrossing discussion with Sumantro who had been an enthusiast of that device. Once we got over the breakfast, we headed over to the Tivoli hall to become an audience for the keynote talk about "Framing DEI Globally" delivered by Jen Madriaga. The audience in the hall was comparatively thinner than how it was the day before at around the same time but admittedly people could have used some more respite after the last fun activity "Fedora Pub Quiz - Flock Edition" on the first day.

Alexander Bokovoy delivering a presentation about "Passwordless Authentication in Fedora Linux" at Harbour 6 room

The keynote was a fascinating one where Jen not only covered the aspects of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice in Free and Open-Source Software communities but also the daily lives of the people. As the keynote ended, I rushed upstairs to Harbour 06 for my moderation duty at around 0915 am Ireland Standard Time. I met up with Carl George here who was assigned the camera handling task during my assignment time. By 0930 am Ireland Standard Time, I introduced Alexander Bokovoy, who worked as a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat at the time of writing this article and left the stage for him to deliver his presentation about password authentication on Fedora Linux.

People socializing in the hallway corridor during the social break while biting into their favourite snack choice (Photograph credits to Luis Bazan)

As the first one in the day for the Harbour 06 room, this talk was really gripping as Alexander not only covered the proposed changes in the coming Fedora Linux releases to introduce the said feature but also gave us a live demonstration of how it would end up working down the road. At nearly 1015 am Ireland Standard Time, the presentation got over and it was time for questions from the audience. With the questions addressed, the next slot on the schedule was for a social break and I headed downstairs to the hallway to talk with folks. This time around I had a very compelling discussion about the state of affairs around the downstream communities and their relationship with Fedora Project at that time.