Day Two Part IV - Flock To Fedora 2023

The attendees readied up before they headed off to participate in the CentOS Project-sponsored community dinner at Tequila Jack's and the scavenger hunt event in Cork City. Our team "Open Sauce" participated alongside numerous other teams to explore the city doing fun activities and making memories.

Day Two Part IV - Flock To Fedora 2023

Once the last event was done for the day at around 0430 pm Ireland Standard Time, Sumantro and I caught up in front of the ballroom auditorium and we started heading back to our hotel rooms. We had around 45 minutes to get freshened up before the next activities began for the evening and when we entered Sumantro's room, we were delighted by the unexpected sight of our previously missing checked-in pieces of luggage. Those were probably delivered to room number 107 during our absence in the morning when we were attending the event. We checked our possessions to confirm that they were intact because I noticed that my luggage was unlocked and had signs of opening.

As I missed out on distributing the sweets I got from India the day before during the International Candy Swap event, I decided to take those with me to the CentOS-sponsored community dinner and distribute them there. I headed down to the hotel lobby area where I met up with a bunch of team members who worked for the Packit Team in Red Hat like Miroslav Suchy, who worked as a Manager, Tomas Tomecek, who worked as a Senior Principal Software Engineer and Laura Barcziova, who worked as a Senior Software Engineer. Soon, the busses arrived at around 0515 pm Ireland Standard Time, and we arrived at Tequila Jack's, a Mexican-themed restaurant to participate in the community dinner.

From left to right - Anthony Carroll, Aoife Moloney, Nick Bebout, Kevin Fenzi, Adam Samalik and Stefan Mattejiet getting drinks at the Tequila Jack's restaurant

I sat with Michal Konecny and his girlfriend, Fionn Kelleher and a couple more members of the event attendees, for dining. While the drinks were served, I handed out the sweets to all the attendees at their tables and told them the story about how I got my checked-in luggage back which was previously missing. I had a selection of tasting choices that I was offering which included the sour-flavoring tamarind, the acquired taste-flavoring betel leaves and finally, the sweet-flavoring mango with a universal appeal. It felt like home there, how the folks did not hesitate at all to pick some more candies of the same kind when they loved their choice or wanted to pick some more candies of a different kind.

I got myself a can of Red Bull for the drinks before heading off the get the food from the buffet table where a great assortment of Mexican cuisine delicacies was served. Even though the food looked mouth-watering, I ensured to keep my diet lightweight to stay active for the next scheduled activity which was the Cork City Scavenger Hunt. At around 0615 pm Ireland Standard Time, an announcement was made for folks to gather outside the restaurant to participate in the next activity. It was organized by a corporate startup named Team Build Events Limited. The representatives from the previously registered team members were chosen and a tablet device was provided to them for the activity.

From left to right - Clement Verna, Sumantro Mukherjee, Lenka Segura, Akashdeep Dhar, Michal Konecny and his girlfriend, and Anushka Jain from the Open Sauce team

Once the announcement about the game rules as well as safety instructions was imparted, the teams were let loose in the city to perform a set of fun activities while tracking landmarks using the mapping application on the provided tablet devices. My team had Clement Verna, Sumantro Mukherjee, Anushka Jain, Lenka Segura, Michal Konecny and his girlfriend and we were called "Open Sauce". We started with exploring Cork City while performing the activities that usually involved us either answering questions on the tablet screen, clicking pictures of the landmarks, recording ourselves while doing funny actions or performing some actions with the help of people around us at that time.